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Why Is It Taking Her Forever To Get Somewhere In Life?

Because you can’t force any reason onto a person…

4 min readMar 3, 2022


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While I am still cleaning the kitchen, I am thinking of this question. Why does life seem hopeless for some of us? Let me ask you some questions as a kickstart.

  • Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you lose hope in your future?
  • Have you been through a time your next wish is affected by a family member’s future?
  • Have you met anyone who tried all things available, attempted many opportunities, but life seems to get nowhere at all for her?

In other words, have you been in a situation or met someone as good as hopeless?

Let me share a story with you.

I have a friend who told me how years of relationship with her boyfriend did not lead to marriage. She is married now to another man whom she dated only 4-months. They decided to tie the knot earlier. At the birth of her son, she wrote in her Instagram (as paraphrased):

“You came into my life. And now, I understand the purpose of living.”

She found her purpose through her son.

I am not telling you to jump the boat and get married like an instant noodle for immediate results. If marriage is a magic wand that solves all problems, there will be no divorce cases. Everyone can write their life story ending with a statement like “…and they live happily ever after.

Here, I am saying that life can go well for you systematically. But, it may not be the same for your family members or friends. Does that mean you are blessed, but they are cursed? No.

Let me give you an answer.

They have not found a strong-convincing reason to live or move forward.

You can’t force your reasons and theories. Those are words from your tongues without an ounce of conviction. The light comes in the ways the Lord wants.

It looks simple for you when your life is wonderfully systematic to accomplish all your wishful desires like a checklist. It is not the same for your siblings. So, that is where you have to reflect.

Some people try everything they can or whatever comes along the way. Yet, their journey seems to lead nowhere. Are they not blessed?

Muslims have the teachings whereby not every wealth is a blessing.

Sometimes, God gives whatever a servant wants as a curse too. How to recognize a curse or istidraj? These are some of the factors…

  • when a person prays, God gives quickly
  • when a person gets more money and wealth, or ahead of others in education, he or she looks down on those who are not on par
  • and he/she gets arrogant

A Mandarin teacher in my school once told me, “You can bring a horse to the water, but you can’t force it to drink”.

You can teach a person, but he will not learn and remember. You can tell all the reasons to be hopeful, but the heart is not convinced. Only God can set the right time to convince the person.

After many plans and trying many things in life, a person may feel lost. Quietly and sometimes smiling or laughing with you, nobody can tell who loses hope already in the faith.

Then, when will things change?

Anyone will move forward and press on for the prize that the Lord has prepared for them when they have enough convincing strong reasons. You can’t force it on them. It is also part of your trials to be patient.

One of my former colleagues reminded me via her Meta post.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails it — Proverbs.

So, the next time you judge any person as hopeless or guess that their life leads to nowhere because they are either cursed, unforgiven sinner, or did not have the blessings from their mother, please do remember this : Time is God.

That time will come for a person to have enough strong reason to move forward.

I end this by reminding ourselves, including me:

You have not found the strong conviction as a reason to convince your heart, yet. When that time comes, you will soar on wings like eagles. It may not be through marriage, pregnancy, birth of a baby, or education scroll. It may be via anything. Only God knows. The time will come.




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