3 Great Lessons In The Movie ‘Barbie’ You Will Be Surprised I Could Inspire You With

#03 — Between you and your inner spirit, one is sad…

4 min readDec 23, 2023
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I didn’t like Barbie although I wished I had them in the 80s.

My cousin had them and that was the only time I could play with it.

As I grew up, I perceived that Barbie was too girlish and spoiled woman.

I dislike it.

But it was by compulsive spending recently, that I watched Barbie, the movie.

Surprisingly, I saw a few lessons that stood out from the movie.

You would be surprised.

Just as I was.

Let’s read…

1- You picked them up and put them where you wanted them to go. You used your imagination.

Because barbie could be anything women could be anything too.

Yes. As Willy Wonka’s mom said every good thing comes with a dream. So, we should hold onto our dreams.

And every dream came with a vision. Our priority depended on the vision.

In the Maslow Theory, my family primary need wasn’t Love.

We needed financial freedom.

Or Financial stability.

Or anything to see that every individual kept excess for rainy days or just to be thrifty.

I had multiples of jobs in my life unlike my siblings. And there were pros and cons for being in many industries.

And my buddy said, “İ wouldn’t believe that we needed a bachelor’s degree only to earn a lot of money…”

I was a government operations officer, a humanitarian aid, a rehabilitation officer, a student mentor, a social distance ambassador, an international relations monastery sister, a housekeeper, a cleaner, an author, and a writer.

This Christmas I sat alone often thinking what would be next.

What should I begin applying for?

I recalled Barbie said when I put myself where I wanted to be, I became what it is. That had been the hardest. I felt lost. I wanted to keep to a specific industry consistently by now. That would be the only thing I knew what I wanted. The role? The position? That would be the next thing to decide.

Same for you.

You could be anything you wanted to when you put your heart into it.

2- Barbie had a great day every day, but Ken only had a great day if Barbie looked at him.

When I first began in the French restaurant, I met a girl. She committed a lot of days. Gradually she came once a week.

She went for retail part time as fashion was her interest.

I noticed the girl was elated each time the boss said anything to her. I noticed the boss had very attractive eyes and charisma.

He could charm anyone.

Later on, I observed she began losing the attention. Her dressing was party wild type with thick makeup as days passed.

Just like I experienced weight mismanagement, she was also gaining a lot of pounds.

I saw her in lesser joyful moments compared to the beginning especially when the boss no longer paid attention to her presence.

And that was also the time she began to find herself worth, that she couldn’t care less or more if the boss was speaking or not with her.

Quietly she didn’t return anymore with reason of being in the college.

She didn’t need anyone to feel good. She accepted herself.

From her, I learned.

We needed not anyone to be interested in us, to feel good. As for me, I once gave myself a time limit to stay in the restaurant. To stay a little longer to assist the 2 Frenchmen, I love as a human being like me.

But the day I made the decision to leave once and for all, it didn’t decrease my love for them. It didn’t add more of love to them.

When I thought I missed them, I actually missed myself more — I missed who I was. I missed my health.

You wouldn’t need anyone to make you feel good. Remember this.

3- Does anyone think about dying?

When Barbie suddenly blurted “Does anyone think about dying?”, everything stopped.

Everyone gets startled. Some stayed a distance away from Barbie.

Where did the idea came from? Where was that from? Ever asked yourself how did you think negatively? Where was the voice from? Inside you. How did it get into you?

It takes 2 to rip a portal.

The fallen Barbie who was casted out from the Barbie land told her It takes 2 to rip a portal.

Between real world you and I lived in, there existed another realm. Our spirit.

Between you and your inner spirit, there was one who was sad. So, when I felt sad, my inner spirit was sad. It took me consciously and subconsciously hand-in-hand feeling sad.

I hoped that you would understand by now why most people who were broken started to find God, faith, or belief to hold onto. They were trying to heal the other side of their world — Spiritual world. Their spirit.

Remember ourselves as spirit beings in human body form. That was probably how we had the term ‘Human Beings’.

If you had ripped both portals, then maybe this would be time you look for healing — spiritually and physically.

Both needed each other.

23rd December 2023

My stomach contained butterfly aching due to stress of trying to resolve an issue for my rooftop application. I felt my spirit spiraled downwards. Disappointed.

Lord, I am asking for miracles from Christmas as my spirit spiraled into dismay. O Mother Mary, help those who have recourse with you. Amen.




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