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I Baptized You…

There can never be I, Me, and Myself totally in life because nobody is an island of their own…



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It downpour rained late at night for some days already. And while I wrote this, the sky sent showers of blessings to the Earth. I liked it. Praise the Lord. ilhumde lillah.

It had been 5-days since I fell sick, drenched in the rain on my way home from work. It was night. I gave little Maria some fun.

Let’s walk in the rain…

And, we fell sick. But, we had not an inch of regret because we did have fun. I smiled as I walked in the rain. I felt blessed despite falling sick after that. I found rest. Soon, something nudged me.

Ego Te Baptizo, Nour…

In Latin, it meant I Baptized You…Ego in the English language referred to as I.

And in the rain, I realized it was not about being baptized to change a religion or belief. This sentence had deep meaning. Baptism had been an act of someone submerged into the water and emerged as a renewed person. The past sins forgiven.

From another angle, the Lord placed a clear sign to me through the words. It happened when I shared with one of my trustworthy colleagues over my distraught mind one of the nights. What would happen when my dad returned to the soil? Where do I stay? She replied to me as this.

“Nour, do not think about it. When such thoughts come, brush them off. Things have not happened. You do not let your mind overcome you because when you feel that way, the universe will reciprocate towards you that way. Quickly refuse such thoughts. When the time comes, there will be a solution waiting for you. Take a rest…”

Yes, I believed in spiritual life. Not just some theologies and theories being symbolic of our differences in belief systems.

The universe and human beings were all connected. And it included animals and nature too.

We were energy vibrations on the Earth too. When we felt down, it sent a different vibration. Someone else might sense the low energy within you, and nobody liked that. Everyone wanted to be perky and in positive vibes.

We knew we could not stay afloat all the time. Sometimes we struggle. And this was where the sentence Ego Te Baptizo spoke louder as I walked in the rain.


I baptized you …

  • to be of a different mindset that when negativity whisper, that you may be strong enough to roar with positive affirmations to yourself
  • to be thinking good of ME that I may bestow you best as I AM how a servant thinks of ME. If he think good, all is good. Vice versa
  • to understand that no matter how good you can do things with your effort, your strength is granted by ME. Without my permission, you can’t move an inch of your nerves
  • to know that nobody is an island of their own. Regardless of single or married, everyone is connected and nobody can run away from being irresponsible to one another. Because everything will return to you someday to put you back into your place
  • to be of good cheer and slowly learn manners and etiquettes from one another because in every one of you there is a divinity where I dwelled in thus, make your daily transactions and interactions with one another like you are interacting with ME
  • to seek help when you require help and not to be afraid of people refusing to help you after you asked. They are those who do not have the capacity and are filled with weaknesses whatever their status is in society. so do not carry everything upon yourself

The list could be very long and exhaustive about being baptized as a form of action. It assimilated to the description that Love could either be a noun or a verb.

Another last thing Ego Te Baptizo rang aloud in my ears as I walked drenched in the rain.

I recalled reading one of the Medium writer’s articles, but I could not recall who exactly it was from. It was written like this.

If you make something your religion, you served only one god. That is your ego. — Medium Writer

Now, this wouldn’t be about religion per se. But, it meant, that when you stuck to your strong-headed side, you often missed a lot of opportunities. Because good things come along your way, but your stubborn nature pushed them away. Your ego.

Ego in Latin is ‘I’ in the English Language.

Not everything in life would be all about you chasing your dreams and competing with the world never having enough. Not everything in life would be all about your wants and desires because one of your ancestors held your hands. In the front, someone else would grab your hands too, and mentor you forward.

Live life simply. Keep options open. I would end this with a short conversation with one of the brothers in the French covenant.

“I was from MBS and worked up from nothing to a supervisor…you looked like a potential XXXX, sis. Keep your options open….” — Edward* Not his real name*

Walk the journey, and the path would open for you gradually. Remember that it had never been about I, Me, Myself all the time. There were reasons deep enough for everyone to contemplate.

When we came to terms with ourselves, the universe came to terms with us too. So you and I would know that every one of us is connected and related. Nature, human beings, and animals. Everything. Beware of Ego.

Good Night.


N.A @ Nour Ablaa a.k.a U.S Nourellyssa




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