Life of a Messed Up Stewardess For Once!

How I Turned A Good Start Into A Screwed Up Week?

one day I am up on my toes, and the next moment I stumble into despair…

4 min readSep 6, 2022


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Some people do say that not all good start necessarily have good end. Others will mention that not all bad start necessarily lead to a bad end.

In other words, whatever the state of your day, month, year, or life, you have the power within you to make the change.

Now, I am not going to preach about some religious sayings like destiny, divine calls, or shitty bullshit of curses and luck. I rather say it is more of the story I tell myself.

So, I am here to share that I have been doing just fine, and not awesome or fantastic. But, without realizing over the choices I make lately, I screw up my days a big time.

I have f**ked up days lately especially when I take an off day. So why do I write this then?

To let you know that most of us struggle with the same condition, and we are all trying our best if we are honest enough to ourselves.

I want you to know that you are not alone going through such moments because someone like me who lives across the globe, do experience the same thing.

Let’s brace up, ya?

Bracing up means I notice where I screw up myself…I believe you are doing the same thing too.

“Look at this! This handphone is a distraction. This is the devil…” — former Asian acquaintance, 2016

I learned to switch off the Wi-Fi internet network before, during, and after work. I detached myself from the phone very well since mid-May. Even the hospital doctors will communicate with me via e-mail if they can’t get me via the phone call.

Now, I screw up.

Just days ago, I turned on the Wi-Fi function on my phone upon waking up.

It was a mistake to start the day with the phone immediately way before you brush your teeth, shower, and eat your breakfast peacefully.

“Binging on Netflix is not a good thing. Go out there and be with the nature. Or at least, make an effort to spend time with someone…” — former psychology counselor

That’s the 2nd bad move. I subscribed to Netflix after fasting from it for 2 years.

Today, I binge on it movies after movies via Netflix. My day passed like a flick of finger. Now the sky is dark. It is time to sleep. I am still writing at 2314 hrs. My whole week of working attire has not been ironed ready yet.

I will be working between 9 to 11 hours a day this week which means once I am home, I will not be making time to iron daily before sleep. The next day will be a mad rush.

Well, Netflix-ing leads me to losing my interest in getting things done.

“You wanna see the change you have to make some movements…With movements comes blessings…” — Sufis

I enjoyed myself last week through my back-to-back off days and alternate days. Because I like calisthenics exercises, I had a few minutes a day burning off a few hundreds of calories.

I love it when I perspire a lot. I realized my knees and legs are not as strong as before since I lack exercise. The pain at my foot was due to my weight. I know I want to make an effort to keep my body healthy.

I screw up again…

Right after straining my muscles, my rest turn into a holiday. Vacation from exercises. I start binging on cakes, Starbucks coffee, and Mac D!

And the pain at the feet comes back greeting me that I only realized then how much sugar intake I have been feeding my body. That is a big screw up! I lost 7 kilos over 3 and a half months, now all that seems to be in vain!

So now…I know where I screw up.

  • checking on the phone immediately when I am awake
  • binging on Netflix leaving some housekeeping a backlog
  • breaking the exercise routine just after a few weeks of consistency
  • binging on carbo and sugar intake too much

Don’t wait for a life partner, companion, or platonic friendship to put you back into place. I am going to be a parent to myself.

“Be a real woman/man! When you make the mess, clean it up!…”

Good night.





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