Find Your Focus As You Walk The Journey

and get control over your feelings and emotions better to be in the game stronger

3 min readNov 8, 2022
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I struggled to find the title that matched the content these days. I did not know how to express my experiences or what learning lessons I could share.

I remembered my former boss once said:

Time is money. Once it is gone, you will not be able to recover it. So, use time wisely. Do your work diligently and do not put away what needs to be done today, to tomorrow.

Of course, a businessman’s mentality needed that very much. Even if anyone wasn’t written to be CEO, that was a golden advice.

I understood we all failed in some areas in our life. In some phase of our lives, we put away what needed to be done to another time. We had no courage. Sometimes, our heart wasn’t there anymore.

We were emotionally affected. I was.

And I am. Here is my story.

Set our principles.

Among my principles: I could walk away from a job without feeling that I desperately needed to stay in it.

Yes. Your principles in life could be your ultimate goals. So, look out for them. It might change over time. Goals needed not be a final outcome.

My mentor here noticed something I was unaware. Now, I would not allow workplace bullying to happen to me. And if I had been less appreciated, less important, or forgotten, I would walk away.

I was tempted to resign recently. After reflection and time alone, I realized that the work wasn’t the issue. Some of the colleagues were. I had been on a roller coaster emotional ride.

If something were to impede our steps ahead, it had been our feelings.

Check out your life issues like self-esteem and confidence. It was probably affected by how you felt and not getting over it.

A Muslim could only grieve for 3 days. More than this, we had been unkind to ourselves. And when I thought over this prophetic reminder, it made sense.

When we allow our feelings overwhelmed and controlled us, we create an emotional garbage to ourselves.


We were told to enjoy the process more than harbor on the outcome so much. I realized focus on the journey was what matter most.

Enjoying the journey involved your emotions and feelings. When anything turned unexpectedly, you would get hurt or disappointed. I had seen plenty of colleagues grumbling or frustrated.

Me included. I had my bad days too.

Although I praised the Lord that I persevered longer before taking a step back to rest, prolonging my emotions or feelings would do no good to myself.

Nobody wanted to go to work dragging their feet and pretending to be fine. But a lot of people did and denied it. Controlling our disappointments would be vital.

Either I had to make myself get over it the soonest possible or walk around the issue and move on. The obstacle would be in our way. Either we chose to get rid of it or we walk around it. Otherwise, find alternatives.

When we got emotionally affected and we did not learn to cope with it, moving on or moving forward would be very hard. We could be stagnant until we finally said:

I am done with this shit. I will move forward and start to press on.

After many thoughts, the lesson I had was simply this:

When you have the goals, focus while walking on the journey. Control your feelings and emotions so that you would be able to stay in the game stronger. You wouldn’t get left behind or take a long time to reach anywhere you are destined to be.

That was the reminder which rang in my ears and kept playing in my head through the nights. I might be wrong. These were my 2 cents worth of thoughts.

Good Night.






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