Christmas Tree Brought A Lot Of Significance To Mankind

and for me…it gave me joy in my heart…

3 min readDec 27, 2022
Photo by Author captured in a fine dining restaurant

Whenever I reached the end of the year, I always observed the streets’ decorations. That also included the decorations in the shopping mall which I would say cost a hefty amount indeed.

Not cheap.

This year I had a good time to adore many different Christmas trees at different places. I love this tree since I was young because not only it lighted with decorations, but there would always be presents beneath.

Amazingly, I noticed non-celebrants like the Muslims also enjoyed themselves taking photographs. I expected some haram episodes from them, but this year had been different.

Looking at the streetlights and decorations, I lit with joy. I smiled. I felt happy within. And I breathed the words between my lips…

O God, now I understood what it meant in everything beautiful let your heart and mind dwell on these. Amen.


When the team of florist came to set up the tree at the restaurant, I was filled with glee. It was a good start for me in the morning. I felt my simplest wish for the year being granted.

And I started singing…

O Christmas tree O Christmas tree la la la la la la la laaaaa….

Repetitively with joy felt within me. I did not learn the lyrics, but it was good enough to bring that joy within me lit up for the morning.

This brought me into wonder again about the Christmas tree…

1 — It represented Life!

Among the trees that lived longer or rather, throughout the 4 seasons were the Christmas tree. It was adopted by the people in the past to represent life. Anything that represented life acted as a catalyst to Hope.

In the past, Romans and Egyptians worshipped the sun god. They celebrated it on 25 December — the winter solstice.

When Christianity was new in that era, the date 25 December was reached to a consensus to be Christmas Day — Jesus was born. In reality, we did not know exactly when the son of Mary was born.

However, enough it would be for every belief that “…faith is believing in what we have not seen.”

2 — The presents beneath represented Love!

I always wanted presents when I was young because of the surprises it brought. However, I seldom had presents because my parents belonged to the rigid generation of being very careful not to celebrate anything that wasn’t Islamic. Besides, they were financially poor.

Christmas tree with the presents represented love. You gifted someone from your heart. You gifted someone because you loved them. Presents made people happy and felt the love one another. Presents also help to reconcile broken relationships.

Even the Muslims were encouraged to send gifts to each other by pure means of sincerity and love, and not a form of wooing someone for sexual lust into marriage.

Between the 2 significance I wrote here, no wonder Christmas had been long known for the season of Faith, Hope and Love. Some others added as season of Joy too.

I couldn’t imagine Christmas Day without Christmas tree. Even the smallest with least ornaments brought so much joy.

Tonight, I wrote about Christmas tree right after I fumed in anger about life. The anger ceased when I looked at the photograph. I felt love and joy within me, just looking at the Christmas tree.

If you asked me what the magic or the miracles of Christmas would be, I would say that looking at the tree brought me joy. That simple.

Buenas Noches.

xoxo 💌





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