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2 min readOct 9, 2023
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I lived behind a pen name as an author when I wrote about a specific niche. Here, it eases me by my name that I could write on any topics.

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I am not defined by my job which is ever-changing as the world evolved. I held my beliefs differently from my race and family. I do not like people who think they go to heaven and the rest belongs to hell.

I am not defined by my educational scrolls or salary. I believed we are not called to be successful except to be faithful.

I am known to be a joyful person with strong positive energy not until recently I prefer to be quieter. I am tired of life, but life is telling me it has more to offer.

As my Lord says, “…so are your days, so shall your strength be.”

I love the apostolic cathedrals and old ancient buildings. These remind me of how gigantic the people of early days were, and how much we all grew smaller as we are today.

My take in life is…Religion tends to break a person to be worse, but spirituality gives Life and mends what is broken.

Be Blessed.

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