Life as a Service Captain

3 Other Types Of Guests Who Spiced Up My Life (Part 2/2)

she walked in like a supermodel before the restaurant operations began…

4 min readDec 15, 2023
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Disclaimer : Names* used were not the real names of the persons.

Sometimes, we went to work because our team consisted of people who shared the same vision.

Sometimes, we went to work for the guests who were more encouraging than our own team members too.

So, with what I wrote today, I hope you would enjoy the different types of people I met. I seen why I did enjoy working in the accommodation and food industry.

I wouldn’t know for how long I would last in this industry. However, I’m thankful for the memories.

Let’s read…

Spice 4 — The one who came too early way before operations started…

She walked into the restaurant like a supermodel full of glee at her punctuality. She had a reservation at 8 am. It was only 730 am and we were still preparing for the opening.

“May I sit inside first? I know I am super early…” she smiled proudly.

I thought perhaps she thought we would jump for joy that she was the 1st guest. Because in Thailand, the first guests were God sent — a good luck for business.

But… in Singapore? Nay!

A lot of people I knew working full time in the restaurant or cafes would be pretty annoyed instead.

“I am sorry, but I am still not done yet for the opening…Perhaps you may sit at the dining tables outside first. Those sofas, you know?” I suggested.

Even the barista wasn’t present yet. Not even the managers or full time servers.

“Oh, sure!…I am sorry I am too early. I disturbed your preparation…” she glee.

She was so cheerful. But I felt lost.

I started to look for the supervisor. None. He left for the clinic. There was nobody else. Goodness! Was I the only service captain? Where was everyone?

5-10 minutes later, the General Manager came. It was only him and me. The freelance part time worker came late.

And the guests kept coming in. Just my luck, I thought.

Spice 5 — The demanding ones who wanted to be seated indoors but full of complaints…

They walked into the dining place without waiting for the host. They bypassed the host.

The lady insisted to be seated indoor. They did not want to sit outside because it was warm.

5 minutes after they sat at their tables indoor, they began their feedback one by one until they left.

“Oh my! This is too cold for me. Could you do something about the aircon?” said a lady.

Sitting indoor was cold. Sitting outdoor was warm. Minutes later…

“By any chance you could turn down the volume of the music? I could barely hear my conversations with my partner…,” said the guy.

“Could we have ketchup please?” said a lady.

After serving the ketchup, the same lady asked, “Oh …Hmm…Could we have mustard please? And if you have chili flakes, would you please?”

After serving mustard and chili flakes, “I am sorry. Hmm…By any chance do you have chili padi? Not forgetting… Salt and pepper…”

You made 3–4 trips just to serve the same guests. All other tables of guests were raising their hands asking for service too. You had to force yourself to smile even when your blood started boiling inside you.

I wasn’t the only person who encountered this guest. To my surprise, the General Manager also faced it.

Ketchup…? Given already, oh sorry I want tobascos please, given already, oh mustard and chilli flakes..? Why couldn’t they ask everything at once…how many trips am I doing to the same table? Are they thinking they are the only guests here?…Goodness…” he said and imitated the guest.

I laughed.

Spice 6 — The ones who met the first time for a date.

Oh, not forgetting the ones who met via Tinder or Meet Me for Chat apps. Maybe my French Chef and French GM would understand better.

I received a woman dressed so well and punctual.

“I have a reservation under the name of Marcus*…” she said.

I thought perhaps it was her birthday or anniversary. But, I was wrong. Ten minutes later the European guy entered. He was filled with joy.

But when he introduced himself with a handshake to the woman, I froze.

You should have taken a look at the Asian women’s disappointed face! She dressed to kill, but the Eurasian men wore simple T-Shirt and Jeans. Opps!

And then came my colleague who was a retired operations manager and chef.

“.. Lissa… Did you see her face? My goodness. She was wearing a disappointed face when the man introduced himself! It’s so embarrassing… Couldn’t she smile?”

I told my colleague that being with the French people, I noticed they wore simple.

They dressed up accordingly during work for formality sake. But in their personal lifestyle, a three quarter pants with business shirt or jeans with T Shirt would suffice.

There we wondered if the woman was looking for the man’s wallet or for his heart.

Now you read the types of guests I received.

I loved it when I could serve them good. But it was always a challenge when the other servers were oblivion to the guests. Some pretended to not notice guests calling. Some did their work very slowly causing others to double up the work.






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